Dan Nainan



Russell Peters

In late 2004, as the Russell Peters phenomenon began to sweep the world, Russell had a series of sold-out shows at the Improv (now known as the Broadway Comedy Club) in New York City. On the way home from another performance, Dan decided to stop by the Improv on a whim, and arrived just as Russell had finished his set. By an incredible stroke of luck, the organizers of the show were lamenting the fact that the crowd wanted to hear more, but that they didn’t have any other comedians, and Dan, sensing an opportunity, begged to perform. Afterwards, Russell was highly complimentary of Dan’s set and gave Dan his phone number.
In January 2005, Dan, having heard that Russell was about to do a tour of the States, called Russell and asked if he could open a couple of shows. Russell very generously said that he would tell his manager to put Dan on every show. Since that fortunate series of events, Dan has performed with Russell in clubs and theaters all over the States, Canada and the world. Dan has also produced several of Russell’s shows, including his now-legendary performance at the World Famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, Royce Hall at UCLA, and many others.
Dan continues to tour with Russell, and the exposure, and the fact that Dan only does clean comedy and does not pick on the audience, has allowed Dan to headline his own shows all over the world.