Dan Nainan



Donald Trump

A prominent New York financier happened to read an article about Dan in Crain’s Business Journal. After some negotiation, he hired Dan to perform at his 45th anniversary party. The party was to be held at the Trump Golf Course in Palm Beach, Florida.

The anniversary party was being held in one of the banquet rooms at the opulent clubhouse, and at the same time, there was a huge party going on in one of the other rooms. Outside, on the deck behind the clubhouse was the most magnificent feast imaginable. Filet mignon, lobster, lamb chops – in other words, a vegetarian’s nightmare.

While wolfing down food, Dan saw the Donald himself walking around and talking to everybody. He was saying over and over, “Isn’t this great? Isn’t this great?” Dan walked up to Mr. Trump and introduced himself as the comedian performing for his client’s anniversary party. Dan asked him if he could come and watch the show in the smaller room. Mr. Trump said that he would try, but that he had his Christmas party going on in the big room, so he wasn’t certain.

At the start of the anniversary party, while Dan was setting up for the show, Mr. Trump showed up and greeted everybody warmly. However, Dan was disappointed to see that he left to go back to his Christmas party, which was of course understandable.

About 10 minutes into his performance, Dan was shocked to see Mr. Trump and his date enter the room and sit down in the back. Dan was terrified, but tried not to show it. Of course, most comedians would’ve mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Trump, and would more than likely have tried to publicly pick on them, but as this is not his style, Dan didn’t mention them at all, not wanting to embarrass them. Dan was quite pleased to see that Mr. Trump and his date were laughing uproariously at his jokes. Afterwards, Mr. Trump posed for a picture with Dan and, “Nice job”. Unfortunately, he didn’t say the words Dan was waiting for – “You’re hired”.

That evening, Dan was invited to stay in a fantastic mansion in Palm Beach, which was wonderful, because Dan didn’t have to pay for a hotel. This was trrly one of the most memorable experiences of his career.