Dan Nainan



Sherri Sheperd

Dan was on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, sitting in first class as usual (of course, Dan could never afford first-class but has Diamond Medallion status with Delta Airlines.) He struck up a conversation with his seatmate, who turned out to be the manager for Sherri Shepherd from The View.

It turned out that Sherri was on the plane as well, but had given her manager the first-class seat and was sitting in coach, working on her iPad using the onboard Internet connection. Sherri came up to talk to her manager, who introduced her to Dan. Upon learning that he is a comedian, Sherri went back to her seat and watched Dan’s video online on her iPad, and told Dan that he was very, very funny.

Sherri’s manager and Dan talked for the entire trip, and she asked Dan if he was interested in performing at an event at the White House that Sherri could not do due to a previous charity commitment, and of course Dan said yes. Dan was recommended for the event, but it did not work out, unfortunately, but stay tuned – Dan may be performing for President Obama in the spring of 2012.